The Art of Reading

“I don’t read.”

This is something I hear from quite a lot of people when I bring up discussions about topics I read in news, books, and social media. This is quite surprising to me, because I am a bookworm and love to get my hands on anything that I can read.


But as I looked into the matter, I realised that many bloggers are losing their readers and audience due to lengthy articles and blog posts. Could it be that someone, who used to read once, is no longer interested in reading blogs due to long articles that never came to the point? Or, it could be, that an article is so extensive that the reader might lose focus and forget the topic, and will have to go back to the beginning to refresh their memory.


However, there is a solution to this problem. Bloggers can read long and lengthy articles online, in the newspaper, listen to it on the news, and watch it on TV, and put that information together in a short, well-written paragraph for their audiences. I myself have seen and read quite a lot of posts that are the shorter versions of the original posts, and believe that they are quite useful indeed.


Felix Salmon agrees with this point completely in his blog post, “Teaching journalists to read”. Ironically, he commits the same crime in his lengthy post in Reuters. Salmon keeps straying away from the topic and rambling about himself throughout. However, he does believe that journalists need to be able to read in order to create brief posts from seemingly endless articles for their readers. It allows the reader to focus and enjoy reading the piece as well.


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