I logged my media consumption for a week and here are the results

At the beginning, this was just a project given to me by my journalism professor in university. However, as I continued with this project, it really gave me an idea of what kind of media I consume every single day, and how it affects my ideas and choices in daily life. I started logging from Monday, and ended on Sunday. By the end of the week, I looked back on all the days and what kinds of media I consumed.


I woke up in the morning and checked my emails and all my social media feeds: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, and Cosmopolitan on Snapchat discover. Then I moved onto the more serious stuff like The Metro and The Guardian. They had the usual about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and how everyone is waiting eagerly for the results of the USA elections. I also listened to music on YouTube and watched a few videos.

Hands Typing on a Laptop Computer


I checked my emails and social media feeds again in the morning, then read The Guardian, and The Telegraph for a class assignment. I finally read yesterday’s Metro as well (I know I’m terrible I only skimmed it yesterday) and realized that it has more celebrity gossip than serious news.


It was the usual in the morning (this is getting quite repetitive), but I came across the Wells Fargo scam and read about it in Reuters and The Guardian. The Guardian also had news about junior doctors strike because of regulations about having to work during weekends and early hours as well in order to “compromise safety of patients and doctors as well?? How will it be safe for doctors?? I’m confused now. I watched a little bit of Big Bang Theory on television and listened to Kiss Station. I also watched The Silence of the Lambs.



Didn’t consume much media because I was out the whole day, but I did read The Metro on the tube!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

The usual social media feeds and emails

I realized that I consume quite a lot of journalism every week. From newspapers to social media, journalism is everywhere! The music, movie, and some of the YouTube videos were not journalism of course. They were mainly to provide relaxation and entertainment from the serious topics found in news.





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