Prince Harry looks down on press for abusing girlfriend Meghan Markle

Prince Harry is deeply upset with the press for sending harassing and racist remarks towards his new girlfriend, Meghan Markle. Newspapers like The Sun and The Mirror published facts about Meghan Markle’s intimate scenes from the television series, Suits and had them mistaken for pictures from Pornhub. The duo has been dating secretly for a few months now.

However, the media went too far when they started using racist connotations to describe her, which caused Prince Harry to fear for the safety of Markle and her family. This caused him to lash out at the media, especially The Sun and condemn them for releasing wrong information about her. This outburst caused different online newspapers to react in their own ways.

The Guardian: This online newspaper did not have any sort of take on the incident, and merely stated the facts about what happened. They also talked about what the accused, The Sun, felt about Prince Harry condemning them for harassing his girlfriend.

The Sun They were quite “shocked” by the allegations and claimed his attack was “ill-judged” and that if someone as rich and famous as him starts dating a television star then he should expect all the attention.

The Daily TelegraphThe Daily Telegraph focused mainly on Prince Harry’s thoughts and emotions about Markle being harassed by the media. They did not have any opinions on it either.



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