Prince Harry ready to show off girlfriend to family

Following Prince Harry’s outburst during the last few days regarding his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, the duo has now been caught living together in Kensington Palace by the media. The Suits star was reportedly seen shopping in Whole Foods store on Kensington High Street which is near the Kensington Palace, on Thursday. Here’s how the different online newspapers are reacting to it.

The Daily Mail: This online newspaper seemed very excited about the photograph of Meghan Markle in London and not only published quite a lot about this event, but also gave a very detailed history of Prince Harry’s past girlfriends.

The Guardian: One of the writers for The Guardian wrote a piece where he called Prince Harry “the grownup royal taking the fight to the tabloids”.

The Daily Telegraph: This newspaper did not show any opinion about finding Meghan Markle in Kensington, and merely stated the facts about what has happened about the incident so far. They also focused on Prince Harry’s upcoming trip to the Caribbean on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen.




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