Fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance voiced their disappointment when the prince attended rugby game alone

Fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance were quite disappointed when the Prince showed up to the England vs. South Africa rugby game in Twickenham, alone. Many expected to see the couple step out together for the first time since the world found out that they were in a serious relationship. Prince Harry had recently confirmed that he and Markle are in a relationship and she was photographed shopping in Kensington as well. Here’s how the different media organisations reacted to this event.

The Sun: This newspaper did not show much of an opinion, especially considering the Prince’s attack on them for publishing false information about Markle. They merely stated facts about how the Prince attended the game without his girlfriend and some information about how he is Vice Patron of the Rugby Football Union.

The Mirror: The Mirror published news about how Prince Harry attended the game without Markle, and how he sat next to Princess Charlene of Monaco. They said that the staff at Twickenham was told that he will be bringing his girlfriend and that they should save a seat for her as well.

The Daily Mail:This newspaper talked about Prince Harry sitting next to Princess Charlene as well, but they focused more on how Meghan Markle might be meeting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge soon.


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