PDP #3: Getting to my goal

In one of my previous posts where I monitored my weekly media diet, it was evident that I was mostly using media for entertainment purposes. In order to change this, I have decided to start consuming more media and follow more broadcasting corporations that are related to investigative journalism and current events.


Get serious

I need to start reading different websites, newspapers and magazines and listen to more radio shows and podcasts.

The websites, newspapers, and magazines that I need to begin reading are The Washington Post, Private Eye, BBC News, and The Press Gazette. I also need to continue reading The Guardian. Reading these publications will allow me to observe the techniques used by the writers in writing and reporting investigative journalism.

The podcasts that I need to listen to more often and begin to listen to are Serial and The IRE Radio Podcast. Serial is a thrilling podcast that follows one real life story per season and investigates the background of the main character in each story. The first season is about Adnan Syed who has been framed for murdering his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999. The whole season follows his trial and many other witnesses are spoken to by the host, Sarah Koenig.

The IRE Radio Podcast is a nonprofit organisation that aims to “improve the quality of investigative reporting”. Unlike Serial, it follows different stories per episode.

Listening to these podcasts will give me ideas on how to follow leads and talk to witnesses and maybe even allow me to learn to create my own podcasts.

I also need to listen to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme everyday so that I can listen to the way current affairs are delivered by radio presenters.

The bloggers and other personalities linked to investigative journalism to follow on Twitter are:

Amber Lyon – An award winning journalist who investigated sex trafficking of domestic minors and founded Reset.me

Steve Hermann – Editor at BBC News

Serial – A Twitter page for the podcast created by Julie Snyder

Paul Bradshaw – Creator and writer of Online Journalism Blog

Lydia Cacho – A journalist who fearlessly speaks about corruption in Mexico (most tweets are in Spanish)

Ian Dunt – Editor of politics.co.uk

Paul Lewis – The Guardian US West Coast Bureau Chief

Cheryl Thompson – Writes investigative stories for The Washington Post

Shereen Bhan – Editor of Young Turks, an Indian series that brings young entrepreneurs and new ideas into the spotlight

Aaron Sankin, Trey Bundy, Andrew Becker, Bernice Young, Jennifer Gollan, Matt Smith, and Shoshana Walter – Reporters for Reveal


The options that I am thinking of choosing so far are Politics, Journalism and the Media, and Specialist Journalism 1. Politics, Journalism, and the Media will allow me to learn how to write about ethical, political, and international issues all around the world. It will also help me to figure out how to interact with politicians, media experts, and fellow journalists and give me ideas on how to analyse various issues.

Specialist Journalism 1 will teach me to be a specialist writer and reporter. I will choose International Journalism so that I can learn how journalism works in other countries. This will be helpful if I want to travel to a different country to investigate and report.

I also want to choose options that will allow me to have experience in live reporting and reporting on television by the end of the third year in university.

For work placements, BBC has many opportunities. Here is a link with all the placements: http://www.bbc.co.uk/careers/trainee-schemes-and-apprenticeships. The Press Association also has numerous internships: https://www.pressassociation.com/about-us/careers/. And lastly, CNN is always looking for young interns throughout the year: http://edition.cnn.com/about/internships/london/. Eventually, I would like to go into Buzzfeed, report news, and possibly have my own television show in the future.






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